Our 2017 Roundup

So yesterday was our last ever Market/Fair/Shopping Event of the year, and since launching only in January (I can’t believe it’s almost been a year already), I can honestly say the journey has been amazing.

Deciding to participate in markets and fairs for various events and occasions, has honestly been the best decision I’ve made for CosyRoom Candles. I say this because, not only have I been able to meet customers in person, which gives me the opportunity to get instant feedback on my products and to put a face to the names of those lovely locals supporting and enjoying my candles, but I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazingly interesting and like-minded people, who like me, have a dream, a passion or an idea – and are working hard to make it happen.  Continue reading “Our 2017 Roundup”

Get the most from your candle

The problem: Uneven Burn = Wasted Wax & Wasted Hours

When candle’s aren’t left to burn evenly, you end up wasting wax which means wasting the number of hours your candle should burn for. Some candles don’t have the correct amount of wick to light in order to melt the full level of the surface correctly. However, this should not be the case if the candle has made these correct considerations.  Continue reading “Get the most from your candle”

Market ONLY Offers!

Recently we here at CosyRoom HQ have decided to participate in markets and fairs in our local area in Bedfordshire, and what we have realised is that in doing this, it’s a great opportunity to meet some of our lovely customers, while introducing ourselves and our beautiful collection to fabulous new ones! Continue reading “Market ONLY Offers!”

Support the British Red Cross with a Love & Peace Aroma Pot

The recent terror attacks here in the UK have affected us all in more ways than one. It’s been devastating to say the least and our hearts go out to absolutely every single individual and family affected by these tragic events. At times like this, it’s overwhelming to see the country unite as one. We pull together to support one another and show just that little bit more kindness and understanding to each other as humans. We might smile at a stranger, offer your help to those that need it and might even volunteer your services in ways that can benefit others. Continue reading “Support the British Red Cross with a Love & Peace Aroma Pot”