Support the British Red Cross with a Love & Peace Aroma Pot

The recent terror attacks here in the UK have affected us all in more ways than one. It’s been devastating to say the least and our hearts go out to absolutely every single individual and family affected by these tragic events. At times like this, it’s overwhelming to see the country unite as one. We pull together to support one another and show just that little bit more kindness and understanding to each other as humans. We might smile at a stranger, offer your help to those that need it and might even volunteer your services in ways that can benefit others. Continue reading “Support the British Red Cross with a Love & Peace Aroma Pot”

Welcome to CosyRoom Candles!

Hello, and WELCOME to CosyRoom Candles… this is an exciting new venture for me. To put it simply, I LOVE candles – and while I’m loving candles, why not make candles my life, my business, my passion? They say that you should do what makes you happy right? Well, a room full of lit candles makes me happy…

Continue reading “Welcome to CosyRoom Candles!”